Raumfahrt - Russian lunar rover to cost over 5 billion rubles


Roscosmos will spend 5.3 billion rubles to create a Russian landing craft for exploring the Moon, according to a statement on the government procurement website.

Under the state corporation's 2018-2020 schedule and plan of purchases, 5.33 billion rubles have been allocated for "the creation of a space system to conduct physical exploration of the surface of the Moon in the circumpolar region (Luna Resource-1)."

The Luna Resource-PA vehicle will take part in an expedition aimed at "delivering to the surface of the Moon a landing craft (PA) and conducting physical exploration in the near-polar region of the Moon," NPO Lavochkin said.

The expedition is a joint project with the European Space Agency, the vehicle is due for launch in 2021, the enterprise said on its website. The plan involves launching an orbital vehicle as well as the landing one.

The 2.2-ton vehicle will be launched from Vostochny cosmodrome and is expected to remain in active existence for at least a year, NPO Lavochkin said.

The launch of the orbital vehicle has been scheduled for 2022, Roscosmos said. Russia is ready to consider cooperation with China to carry out the mission, the state corporation said.

Quelle: Interfax

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