Raumfahrt - SpaceTime Enterprises will turn you into a virtual space tourist



Let’s face it; VR might happen in our lifetime but accessible, affordable space tourism might not. At least, not any time soon. But In-Space Missions and Rewind want to use VR and AR to bring us closer to being an astronaut than ever before.

This week the pair announced SpaceTime Enterprises. This U.K.-based initiative that will see multiple satellites launched into low Earth orbit. These satellites will be fitted with cameras capable of broadcasting images of space in real-time and even overlaying information such as meteorological systems, atmospheric phenomenon, celestial bodies and more. Down on Earth, we’ll be able to view these images in VR, allowing us to visit miles above our own planet without ever having to step out the front door.

The initiative will look to develop apps using the information it captures that be used in both VR and AR. The hope is to create experiences for consumers, students, ecologists, scientists, business owners and others.

“In addition, through bleeding-edge ground-processing, we will also be using the collected data to create the most current gigapixel map of the Earth’s surface,” Rewind CEO Sol Rogers explained. “This incredible asset will, initially, never be more than 11 hours old in its entirety as the satellite majestically passes over the earth’s surface, and this time will decrease dramatically as we add additional satellites.”

SpaceTime Enterprises will be launching in the second half of 2019. Both companies are currently seeking investment for the program.

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