Luftfahrt - Boeing reveals its unmanned ‘loyal wingman’ aircraft



Boeing reveals its unmanned ‘loyal wingman’ aircraft

Boeing is showing off the wingman of the future, in the form of the Airpower Teaming System, or ATS for short.

The ATS is designed as a flying “force multiplier,” allowing pilots to have many more combat-capable wingmen without putting more humans in harm’s way.

Through the use of an ATS-heavy force, manned airframes and their precious pilots (which are the most valuable combat air assets), can increase survivability by utilizing the ATS fleet, who can pull off a lot of things that would be too dangerous for humans.

Utilizing an AI/direct control hybrid, the selective autonomy (since we’re trying to avoid Skynet scenarios) would allow the drones to also lighten the workload of the human pilots leading the charge

The current lead military on the project is the Royal Australian Air Force, though the US may eventually get on board.

According to The Drive, the US military has a much wider range of options when it comes to ATS-like systems, and may have some working in the shadows already- though any proof remains to be seen.

Quelle: Boeing