Raumfahrt - UAE could contribute airlock module to Nasas Lunar Gateway Moon station



Nasa has ambitious plans to build a station in the Moon’s orbit. Called the Lunar Gateway, the station would host astronauts before they land on the lunar surface, using a human landing system. Photo: Nasa

The UAE is exploring opportunities to be involved in designing part of Nasa's planned space station that will orbit the Moon.

US aerospace company Boeing said it has held discussions with Emirates officials about the UAE providing an airlock module on the Lunar Gateway.

This is an airtight room that astronauts would use to enter and exit the space station.

John Mulholland, vice president and International Space Station programme manager at Boeing, told The National that the company was “actively working” with the UAE on the concept and design.

The Lunar Gateway falls under Nasa’s Artemis programme, which aims to put humans back on the Moon’s surface this decade.

“One of the things that the UAE is working on is the evaluation of whether they are going to put up an airlock module on the Gateway, which would be outstanding,” said Mr Mulholland at the Abu Dhabi Space Debate.

“And so, one of the things that we have been working hard on is trying to help the UAE come up with a concept and a design of what that airlock system would be like.”

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