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In late May, there was an orchestrated media blitz to promote the “To the Stars Academy” (TTSA) and their upcoming television program. Meanwhile, serious UFOlogists and skeptics continued to ask probing questions about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) and TTSA. Some of the answers they had received, if accurate, indicated that Luis Elizondro has inflated his role in the AATIP and that the three videos the TTSA had presented were never released for public use. These are ques- tions that should have been asked, and answered, prior to publishing articles in major newspapers and on television. The fact they were not has brought into question the objectivity of those promoting the TTSA. Principle among the individuals questioning the reporting is the Black Vault’s John Greenewald Jr. who, after saying that he was only interested in the truth, commented:

“I’ve been around the UFO field of research long enough to know that the number of lies by the feds that I can prove by legal means, arguably are dwarfed by the number of lies that have come from everyday individuals and former government employees injecting themselves into their own UFO-related legacy. Not to steal a line from the X-Files, but, “Trust no one, Mr. Mulder.”

The sycophantic journalists, who have been promoting the TTSA, attempted to muddy the waters with their own interpretations instead of trying to look further and clarify the situation. They are “all in” with the TTSA and have no desire to investigate anything other than what the TTSA tells them to write. Many in UFOlogy are not going to listen to any skeptics but they might listen to UFO proponents with credibility. It is up to people like Greenewald to set the record straight. Perhaps, if the rest of the UFO community’s “leaders” stepped up and followed his lead, maybe all the facts will be revealed.

The TTSA has been presenting evidence that, they say, indicates something exotic, and unknown to modern science, is flying through the Earth’s atmosphere. This has been UFO gospel for decades. Those that had stated this in the past tried to present everything they had with little success. The TTSA hopes that a few technical experts and scientists, who have made a living off of UFOs, will alter this narrative. At the same time they are obfuscating the facts and withholding details, the TTSA asks the public/UFO community to “trust them”. The history of UFOlogy has demonstrated that trust is something that should not be given so willingly. Is the TTSA going to earn this trust by presenting all their evidence or is what they have presented all that they have? Are they trying to play UFO aficionados for fools or are they a serious research organization? So far, I have seen little in the way of serious research and a lot in the way of promotional gimmickry.

The TTSA could easily resolve all of this by presenting actual verifiable evidence that supports their claims and directly address the critics. If it is what they say, they should have the documentation and could easily explain everything. Instead, the TTSA appears to be asking everyone not to “look behind the curtain”. If this is their approach, you might as well throw them into the pile of other failed UFO organizations, who resort to smoke and mirrors to promote themselves.

I want to thank Marty Kottmeyer for his work on Roman UFOs. This issue, I present the second part of his research. It is a wealth of information that is well-sourced.
As many already know, Stanton Friedman died in May. It is sad to see anyone pass no matter how much you disagree with their ideas/beliefs. I suppose, if there is an after life, both he and Phil Klass can now debate UFOs endlessly to their heart’s content. Colonel Robert Friend also passed away. He was the last surviving head of Project Blue Book and a war hero. He leaves behind an impressive legacy.


Hot topics and varied opinions

In part of the TTSA publicity campaign, Chris Mellon wrote an article which asked congress to investigate UFOs. Where have we heard this before? A few senators did have time for a closed door briefing by the Pentagon in June. This seemed to be more of a response by the Pentagon to explain to the Senators the background behind the stories told to the media in late May. As previously mentioned in SUNlite 11-3, they seemed to be concerned about unidentified aircraft entering military airspace and not chasing after alien spaceships. If Congress is not concerned about a serious threat of something like climate change, why would they be interested in investing money to investigate UFOs?

The NY times published another article written by UFO promoters Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean (both have written UFO pieces before that promoted the videos of the Chilean Air Force that could be explained). They added Helene Cooper, a pentagon correspondent, to the mix, which gave it a bit more credibility. This article was one of many that were produced in the last week of May in an effort to prime the pump for the upcoming TTSA show on the History Channel. Some points I think need to be considered:

  1. The Navy pilots never saw anything. All they had were radar contacts, which apparently did not appear until the new radar sys- tem was installed. Every time they closed to where they could supposedly see the targets, there was nothing there. This sounds awfully familiar. Either the targets were very small such they could not be seen by the pilots or the targets are something else. Maybe the new system is registering ice particles or some other atmospheric phenomenon. Without more data it is hard to say. I would not be surprised if the developers of the radar are examining the data from these events. It is too bad we won’t be privy to the communications regarding their analyses. I suspect the radar will be modified in the future if these are false returns or atmospheric in nature.

  2. None of the pilots interviewed claimed to have been directly involved in the “Gimbal” or “Go fast” videos.

  3. The one time anybody reported seeing something, it was reported second hand when a pilot had a near collision with an object that flew between him and his wingman. He described it as a transparent sphere with a cube in it. It did not sound large since the two planes were only 100 feet apart. In the case of a near collision, the best the pilot in a fast moving aircraft could have had was a brief glance at the object (maybe a second or two?). I don’t care what kind of pilot you are; this is little more than a blur and could have been anything airborne and not some form of exotic craft. I have to wonder if it weren’t some kind of balloon.

Jason Colavito noted that the slew of articles that appeared in late May were written by known promoters of the TTSA. This was no surprise since it was part of a co-ordinated publicity campaign for the TTSA’s television program (the NY times piece even mentioned the program with channel and air date!).

Keith Kloor noted that Luis Elizondo’s claim about being one of the leaders of the AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Iden- tification Program) is suspect. He quoted Pentagon spokesperson Christopher Sherwood, who stated that the AATIP existed but“Mr. Elizondo had no responsibilities with regard to the AATIP program while he worked in OUSDI [the Office of Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence], up until the time he resigned effective 10/4/2017.” Kloor also indicated that UFO promoters, like George Knapp, have become closely involved with the TTSA and cannot be considered objective when reporting about the TTSA.

John Greenewald wrote several articles about the TTSA. His first involved the videos that have been “released”. It seems that they may not have been released for public use but the TTSA did it anyway. The DOD seems not to care, which makes me continue to believe that the videos did not come directly from the Navy but through Bigelow.

Greenewald also commented about Kloor’s revelation that Elizondo was never in charge of the AATIP. Is this a case of Elizondo being involved in the AATIP but, after leaving, claiming greater responsibilities. It would not be the first time somebody exaggerated their resume. Some UFO proponents/promoters have taken Greenewald to task about his desire to discover the truth. George Knapp presented a document that supposedly refutes Greenewald/Kloor’s claims. Greenewald rebutted this “evidence”. So far, Elizondo has remained mute and has asked his public relations puppets to stick up for him. This is no surprise.

Looking into the Gimbal footage, Mick West has discovered an infrared video that closely mimics what was seen in the clip.

This supports the claim that what was recorded was nothing more than another aircraft and the rotation is due to the gimbal inside the camera pod that was rotating. In another video clip, West used all of the data in the display for the “Go fast” clip and explained that this was probably a balloon. The video is a summary of the work that was done in the thread over at Metabunk. Mr. West’s pre- sentation demonstrated that the TTSA’s “expert” interpretation of the video on their television program was wrong. Had the TTSA been interested in real science, they would have presented a detailed analysis. Instead, they had pilots watch the video multiple times and comment about what was they thought it was. Their observations were not accurate. I guess that, even when in a con- trolled environment, pilots can still make errors in perception. That says a lot about pilots being “expert” witnesses.

Quelle: SUNlite 4/2019

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