Raumfahrt - Paul Allens Vulcan Aerospace ist jetzt Stratolaunch, mit einer neu gestalteten Website



Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s space venture is rebranding itself and updating its website as it prepares to begin flight tests of the world’s biggest airplane. The venture was launched in 2011 as Stratolaunch Systems, but over time it morphed into Vulcan Aerospace, with Stratolaunch Systems as a subsidiary. Now it’s officially known as Stratolaunch, period. The venture’s website has been changed to reflect the new branding. The site will be undergoing further updates in the months ahead, but more importantly, Allen hopes to finish construction of the giant Stratolaunch airplane in a California hangar and see it take to the air by the end of the year. Eventually, the plane will serve as a platform for sending air-launched payloads into orbit – as explained on the website.




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