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Luftfahrt - XTI Aircraft Company:TriFan 600 STOL


Meet the TriFan 600. This six-seat, vertical takeoff and landing airplane provides unprecedented freedom by transporting you door-to-door, rather than airport-to-airport.  Designed to fly as fast, as high and above predominant weather, and as far as other business jets, to more places and in a shorter period of time.


Stepping aboard, you discover unparalleled cabin space, offering enormous flexibility for the distinctive needs of our customers. Depending on those needs, you might enter to discover a medical evacuation or air ambulatory configuration, with a horizontal stretcher and three seats for medical personnel or patient companions. Or for the most discerning business or personal needs, you might find perfectly shaped modern luxury with its exceptionally spacious interior adorned with elegant surfaces and intelligent high-tech features.  Whatever the requirements, the TriFan 600 offers pressurized cabin comfort with accommodating capability.


By merging advanced, proven technologies in a revolutionary design, XTI Aircraft aims to change the way the world flies. And now they’re giving everyone the chance to be a part of it. What XTI is attempting today is not a new-technology revolution; it’s an evolution of new applications for existing technology. This reduces risks associated with manufacturing and certifying the TriFan 600.


The unique configuration, advanced ducted fan and other proven technology, and lightweight materials give the TriFan 600 a speed, range, and level of comfort comparable to most private jets, with one supreme advantage – unparalleled travel flexibility that’s only possible when you forget the highway, and lose the runway.
Using three ducted fans, the TriFan 600 lifts off vertically. In seconds, the two wing fans rotate forward for a seamless transition to high-speed flight. And within just 90 seconds, the aircraft reaches cruising speed – where, just like every other fixed-wing airplane, the wings provide lift. The fuselage-mounted fan, no longer needed, closes up. The airplane flies directly to its destination and reverses the process, landing vertically right where it needs to be – over a clear helipad sized paved surface.
No traditional jet, helicopter, or VTOL can fly you directly from point A to point B with the range, speed, or operational flexibility needed for true efficiency. The TriFan 600 is a new type of aircraft, with an entirely new combination of capabilities potentially saving hundreds of hours a year.
Quelle: XTI Aircraft Company

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