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Get ready space fans, Lego is about to launch two new sets that can take you from the moon to edge of the Milky Way.
The toy company on Thursday (April 25) revealed its upcoming Lego Icons NASA Artemis Space Launch System and Lego Art The Milky Way Galaxy sets. Both will go on sale beginning May 15.
From building a detailed scale model of NASA's new moon rocket, complete with its launch platform and support tower, to piecing together our home galaxy, these two construction new kits are designed to engage adult Lego fans.
"Today the Lego Group unveils two new sets that allow space enthusiasts to go out of this world, by exploring the art of engineering excellence behind the human space missions to get a glimpse of what's out there," read the press release from the Denmark-based toy company.
SLS, the Space Lego Set
In November 2022, NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) lifted off with an uncrewed human-rated spacecraft on a 25-day mission around the moon. At the time of its ignition, the 322-foot-tall (98-meter) rocket became the most powerful vehicle to successfully take flight and advanced NASA's Artemis program goal of returning astronauts to the lunar surface in this decade.
Now, Lego has captured the complexity of the SLS in a new 3,601-piece, $259.99 (€259.99 or £219.99) set as part of its line of replica models.

The Lego Icons NASA Artemis Space Launch System includes the multi-stage rocket with its two solid-fuel boosters and a detailed mobile launch tower with retractable umbilicals and crew access arm. It also features an Orion spacecraft and European service module, which can be displayed separately or placed atop the SLS, as it was launched on the Artemis I mission.
When fully-assembled, the rocket and tower stand over 2 feet tall (70 centimeters), producing a 1:144 scale desktop model. The set does not include minifigures (nor is to minifigure scale) but does come with a printed plaque displaying details about the SLS and Orion.
The Lego Icons NASA Artemis Space Launch System (no. 10341) is the second model of the rocket to be released by Lego after a smaller, much less detailed version, the Lego Rocket Launch Center (no. 60351), was included as part of the Lego City Artemis-inspired line in 2022.
In a galaxy...
Though the moon can sometimes seem like a distant destination for a rocket, the second newly-announced Lego kit takes in a much wider view of deep space.
The Lego Art The Milky Way Galaxy set (no. 31212; $199.99 / €199.99 / £169.99) creates a colorful, dimensional map of our home galaxy, spanning more than 620,000,000,000,000,000 miles (1,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers or about 100,000 light years) in a 25.5-inch-wide (65-centimeter) mosaic.

"This awe-inspiring piece of art is composed of 3,091 pieces, which you build in layers to produce a 3D effect of incredible depth and texture," reads the Lego description of the set. "Packed with features, this wall art includes some of the Milky Way's most famous stars, clusters and other spectacles, including Trappist-1, the Pleiades, the Crab Nebula and the Pillars of Creation."
In addition to the astronomical sights, the mosaic also includes a "You are here" sign placed where our solar system is located and what looks to be a spacecraft (though only four probes have just barely left our solar system, with a fifth on its way).
Designed to be hung on a wall, the Milky Way Galaxy set is built up from five different panels, each with its own instructions, so it can be assembled by an individual or as a group activity. Builders can also access (via a QR code) a podcast specially recorded for this set featuring Lego Group host Jack Gardner Vaa; science communicators Camille "Galactic Gal" Bergin and University of Leicester chancellor Maggie Aderin-Pocock; and Lego Group designer Adam Vaughan.
Countdown is on
Both the Lego Art The Milky Way Galaxy and Lego Icons NASA Artemis Space Launch sets add to Lego's still-growing product line for this year, with "Space"-branded kits spanning all of the company's themes, from Lego City and Lego Technic to Lego Friends and Lego DreamZzz. Even the next Lego Minifigures Series, coming out on May 1, centers on space, with astronauts and spacemen included.
With the products coming in May, Lego Space-theme sets released in 2024 will number more than 20.
The Space Launch System and Milky Way will be available to order for members of Lego Insiders, the company's loyalty program, on May 15. The sets will then be released for sale to all both online and at Lego Stores beginning on May 18.

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