Raumfahrt - China plans to establish a basic model for a lunar research station


Scientist reveals goals for future lunar research station


Scientists have proposed several objectives for a future international lunar research station, including moon-based Earth observation and lunar resource utilization, the China Science Daily reported on Friday.

Zou Yongliao, head of the lunar and deep space exploration division of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, revealed the goals at a recent national space conference.

China plans to establish a basic model for a lunar research station based on two planned exploration missions by 2028, and subsequently expand it into an international one.

According to Zou, as scientists continue to develop the blueprint for the research station, they have already made progress by coming up with specific objectives for science and application.

These objectives mainly involve studying the moon's evolution, exploring star formation and activities, and observing the sun and Earth from the moon.

Zou also mentioned the performance of scientific experiments, like growing plants on the lunar surface, and the utilization of lunar resources, such as moon minerals and solar energy.

The scientist noted that the moon is still the "main field" of deep space exploration and the construction of an international lunar research station was a historical necessity.

Quelle: Xinhua

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