Raumfahrt - Russisch-US-Experiment SIRIUS für Weltraum-Mission Simulation


MOSCOW, A series of joint experiments by NASA and the Moscow-based Institute of Medical and Biological Problems (IMBP) to simulate a flight to the outer space was named SIRIUS, an acronym for Scientific International Research In Unique Terrestrial Station.

"IMBP has completed a competition to choose a name for its new international scientific research project. After a detailed discussion and selection from 106 names, suggested by 41 participants, the jury chose SIRIUS," the institute’s press service said.

The project will simulate longtime spaceflights to study problems related to human behavior in a confined space, including biological and psychological ones.

"The name also symbolizes the aim of the project - to shed light on the working efficiency of humans during longtime research flights that will somehow set off for other stars," the institute said.


Earlier, IMBP and NASA agreed to hold a series of experiments that involve isolation of participants to study behavior, working abilities and psychology of humans during long spaceflights. A two-or three-week experiment will be take place this year, an eight-month simulation is scheduled for 2019 while a one-year project is set for 2020-2021.

The tests will be carried out at IMBP scientific grounds that were previously used to conduct a series of Mars-500 experiments in 2007-2011.

Quelle: TASS