Raumfahrt - Cool! : Space Station Kamera zoomt auf dem Wasser-Skifahrer auf der Erde


Think of it as an "E.T.'s"-eye view. A powerful camera pointed at Earth from the International Space Station captured a remarkable detail from 250 miles away: an amazingly clear image of a waterskier speeding through the waves.
Vancouver-based UrtheCast, which is the first high-definition video streaming platform of Earth to be located on the International Space Station, released a GIF of a waterskier darting around behind a speedboat taken from space.
After looking closely at a video taken by the High-Resolution Camera (HRC) called Iris, the UrtheCast team noticed the waterskier within a larger image of the famous Acropolis of Lindos in Greece. While the actual person isn't visible, the white streak of water splashing up behind him or her breaks up the stillness of the image.
The waterskier was spotted speeding along off the coast of Lindos, which is on the island of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea.
Video hier:
Quelle: CBS
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