Raumfahrt - Russische Experimentell-Rakete, stürzte nach dem Start in Plesetsk ab


Rocket that crashed after takeoff in Plesetsk was experimental - source
PLESETSK, Arkhangelsk region. April 22 -A planned test launch of an experimental space rocket developed by a defense industry facility was conducted at Plesetsk cosmodrome in Archangelsk region on Wednesday, Interfax-AVN was told at the cosmodrome.
"The rocket successfully left the launch pad but several minutes later it departed from its planned trajectory and fell in an uninhabited area in Arkhangelsk region," a source said.
The descent of the experimental rocket did not cause any destruction or loss of life.
"The fuel of this rocket poses no environmental threat," the source said.
Quelle: Interfax
President Vladimir Putin was informed of Wednesday’s collapse of a space rocket at the Plesetsk space center in northern Russia, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters.
"Quite naturally, the president received information on the accident," he said.
Peskov said, however, he did not have a detailed report on what exactly happened.
A source at Plesetsk told TASS the launch vehicle collapsed after a scheduled test liftoff.
"A scheduled test launch of an experimental launch vehicle designed by an aerospace defense company was held at Plesetsk," he said. "The launch vehicle lifted off from the pad as required but it veered off from the designated trajectory several minutes later and collapsed in an unpopulated area of the Arkhangelsk region."
Quelle: Interfax