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This is a collection of sayings being used by Maussan in his promotional videos for the upcoming alien slide show. He is the 21st century version of P.T. Barnum.
Why did the aliens crash?
Kevin Randle, in the comments section of a blog entry, stated that he has been of the opinion that the reason the spaceship crashed at Roswell was because it was meant to do so. Faced with the conundrum that an alien spaceship should be able to survive a lightning strike, be undamaged by radar, or that any crashed vehicle probably would involve an alien rescue mission of some kind, Mr. Randle has created a new reason for the spaceship crashing at Roswell. He implied the aliens crashed their spaceship on purpose in order to alert Earth that it was “not alone”. Unfortunately, the aliens did not expect us to be so paranoid and cover the whole event up. I have to admit that this theory is only slightly more probable than a lightning strike, radar interference, or pilot error but it fails the common sense test.
Exploring this theory further, we have to ask the question “Why crash the spaceship in a remote location in New Mexico?” If they wanted us to know of their existence, they could just as easily land or crash in Washington D.C.. Then one has to wonder why they would purposefully crash one of their wonderful spaceships and kill the crew. Were these alien beings criminals serving a death sentence? Were the critical components of the spacecraft removed to prevent reverse engineering? It seems that this is more of a theory out of desperation than a carefully thought out explanation. It makes little sense and indicates the aliens had no clue about the behavior of human beings. These aliens seemed to be ignorant of the past ten years of human history, where practically the entire world was at war.
May 5, 2015: The day that will change the world
That is how Jaimie Maussan, Don Schmitt, and Tom Carey are selling the latest chapter in the Roswell Saga. Amid much hype and sentimentalization, the date was revealed in several forums in early February. Within the next few days, more details were revealed, which included tantalizing glimpses of the alien slide and some additional information about those who photographed the slides and how they were discovered.
The Ray’s had very high connections
Anthony Bragalia began the hoopla by telling us all about the people who took the photographs:
Bernerd’s wife was Hilda Blair Ray. Researchers Tom Carey and Don Schmitt and the current owner of the film learned that Hilda was a highly respected lawyer with a high-end clientele and possible intelligence connections. A private pilot, she maintained favorable relations with well-placed individuals in both the public and private sectors during the 1940s. The other slides in the chest (over 100) are often found depicting accomplished people, including Dwight Eisenhower. This is a couple who were of the highest integrity. And both had contacts and activities that could have fortuitously enabled them to obtain these slides.1 This was also mentioned by the “caretaker” of the slides, Adam Dew, in his short film about the slides:
There are dozens more photos that, together, paint a picture of a very interesting, well-traveled, and, possibly, well-connected couple.2 We are not told why everyone has drawn this conclusion. No documents were presented to demonstrate that the Rays ever met anybody of significance. The only evidence that was presented were the slides themselves. There are photographs of various famous people, including golfers and actors, at a US open but I am sure there were plenty of people, who also took photographs of these individuals. The photographs that supposedly connected them to the Eisenhowers, were those showing Dwight Eisenhower with another man on a train. While Dew and Bragalia did not make the claim that this man was Ray, people drew this conclusion by their statements about there being a connection between Ike and the Rays. The instant the photographs were out and posted on the UFO chronicle’s blog, Bragalia was quick to state this proved that they were close to Ike:
I think to all that it is rather evident now -even to rabid skeptics like Lance and Printy- the Rays were a very highly-connected couple, even to Ike.3
When Paul Kimball questioned if it was Ray in the photographs, he was told that Jose Caravaca had identified him as Ray.4 Jose did not say why he thought this was the case but it was simply accepted by everyone that it was true. Both Bragalia and Dew never contradicted that claim or chose to make the statement that the man was not Ray. Based on Bragalia’s comment, he either believed this was Ray or wanted to give everyone the distinct impression that it was Ray.
When I saw the Dew film clip and the photographs of Eisenhower (left), I was puzzled. In the video, we are shown photographs of the Rays as aging individuals (right) but the image of the man with Eisenhower is a younger gentleman. Other photographs of Ray also did not look like the man in the photograph (middle).5 I also wondered who took the photograph. If Ray was in the photograph,
why wasn’t Hilda there as well? Was she in the crowd because the Eisenhowers did not like her as much as her husband? I began to suspect that this individual was NOT Bernerd Ray as implied by those promoting the slides.
Curious as to his identity, I decided to look up when Eisenhower was in the vicinity of Texas and in his General’s uniform after the war. I quickly narrowed it down to his appearance in Kansas on June 21, 1945. On that date, Eisenhower took a train from Kansas City to Abilene, Kansas. The newspapers covered the day rather extensively.6 Most of the individuals that were on the train ride were mentioned because they were all members of the Eisenhower family. However, nobody mentioned Bernerd or Hilda Ray. I then examined pictures of the individuals that were listed and discovered that the man in the photograph was Milton Eisenhower, Ike’s  brother (see image right).7
I shared this information publicly, which then prompted Dew to reveal all sorts of information that was curiously unavailable before:
As much as I’d love for that to be Bernerd next to Ike on the train, I’m fairly certain it’s Milton Eisenhower. This whistle stop tour was from Kansas City to Abilene (Ike’s home town) in June 1945. Photo was taken in Topeka. Milton was the president of Kansas State University at the time. The Rays spent a lot of time in Kansas in the mid-late 1940s. This is one of the reasons I’d like to ID the men in the hunting picture. Kansas license plate. The hunting dog has “Manhattan” dog tag. KSU is in Manhattan. The men in the hunting pic look to me like the could be important men.8 Dew’s revelations made it appear like he knew all along it was not Ray but chose to hide this information so viewers would draw the conclusion that Ray personally knew Eisenhower.
Prior to this revelation, Anthony Bragalia proclaimed that the “rabid skeptics” should be convinced of the Eisenhower connection based on these images. Now Bragalia tried to convince everybody that he never stated that this was Ray with Ike:
if you re-read the articles that I have done on the slides, I stated that there were over a hundred other slides in the chest of the same vintage as the alien slides and “many pictured prominent people such as Dwight Eisenhower.” I do not recall ever saying that Bernerd or Hilda were “with” Ike. I did not ‘correct’ Jose because I never said one way or another who that was- Rich and Jose did. They brought it up, not me. I cannot be expected to instantly comment on every damn item that someone brings up. To expect me to correct and comment every two minutes on all of this is unfair.9 I am still trying to understand why he made the first comment about “rabid skeptics” being convinced of the connection based on nothing but this photograph. This calls into question the amount of research that was performed on this part of the slide story.
As this little debacle unraveled, Rich Reynolds deleted all the postings regarding the slides. Meanwhile, Dew implied that he had heard a lot of stories from people about how the Ray’s were connected to the Eisenhowers. This all sounds really great but there should be real evidence out there if this were true. There would be a documented record showing them spending time with the President or other highly placed people. Not one iota of evidence is presented to date and I can find nothing in the newspaper archive that show the Rays being present with the Eisenhowers or any other prominent politician.
More slides = More speculation
In his response regarding Milton Eisenhower, Adam Dew stated that he felt a hunting trip photograph showed “important men”. There is nothing in that photograph to indicate they were important at all. They just look like a bunch of hunters having a good time. Gregg Phipps would later inform people that he identified them as local Republican politicians in Kansas.10 David Rudiak suggested that they might be Governors and Senators. Even if these men are politicians, I doubt that connections to them, even if
they were such a position of US senator from Kansas, would justify a belief that the Ray’s had “high connections” that would allow them access to top secret areas, where alien bodies were held.
The hunting trip photograph is not the only item that Dew was openly speculating about. There is another slide that shows a trailer park. Dew hints that this looks like the trailer parks found at Oak Ridge, Tennessee during the development of the atomic bomb. The implication here is that these photographs were taken at Oak Ridge and the Rays went there because they were invited/allowed to be there. When I saw the photograph, I felt it probably was a war time photograph of hastily constructed housing for a new military
base or post war housing for returning veterans. Mr. Phipps solved this one as being a photograph of temporary housing for returning veterans attending Kansas State University.11
Dew also chose to present another slide, which showed a woman in front of a large model of a cruise liner. Dew implied that this is Maimie Eisenhower and the model is the Queen Mary in New York City. 12 There is no evidence presented to prove this is Maimie and, in my opinion, she has features that are different than Mrs. Eisenhower. There are also features in the model that indicate it is not the Queen Mary. There were other large models of cruise liners in existence in several venues outside of New York City that could be the subject of the photograph. This photograph proves nothing. It seems, as part of his promotion campaign for his Kodachrome movie/video, Dew is trying to manufacture a history about the Rays
that did not exist. The focus in his tweets and videos is that the Ray’s were “well connected” but, other than these slides, there is no evidence to suggest these “high level connections” existed at all. We do not even know if the Ray’s took these photographs! For instance, why would the Ray’s suddenly take up to living in Kansas for a few years when, according to most accounts, they lived in Midland, Texas during the same time period? There seems to be little or no effort being made to carefully evaluate the slides that do not show the body. Instead, they are being speculated about openly to the point of being sensationalized and imply things that may not be true.
The only conclusion one can draw is that, if they were the photographers, the Rays liked to take a lot of photographs documenting their travels. Those photographs did include celebrities but this was apparently due to them being at events, where the celebrities were scheduled to appear. Based on my research in the news paper archive, I determined the most prominent positions held by Hilda Blair Ray were that she was the vice president of the Texas league of woman voters in the early 40s13 and she was a member of
Midland Draft Board during the war.14 There is absolutely no evidence presented to date that shows they had any political or “intelligence” connections that would allow them access to classified information of any kind. At this point, that part of the slide story appears to be a myth created by the promoters trying to explain how it was possible that the Rays could photograph a dead alien body.
The two slides
Writing about the slides, Tony Bragalia stated that it had been proven that the year of the film’s exposure was 1947.15 This was an astonishing announcement and Lance Moody, among others, openly challenged the statement. Bragalia would respond that the it had been proven the film was from 1947 stock and, since most people expose their film right away, it stood to reason it was exposed in 1947. This conclusion does not consider a lot of variables. The first being that film sits at the distribution center for a period of time before being shipped to another distribution center before making it to the actual store. Then there is the period of time from being placed on the shelf and purchasing. Then there is the unknown elapsed time between purchasing and exposure. I recall having film stored in my refrigerator for months before use but that was me. I have no idea how long the Ray’s may have held onto their film before use. It could have been a day or it could have been a year. This is an unknown that can not be quantified so Bragalia’s conclusion is one based on what he wants to believe and not based on any actual facts. Just because a film was manufactured in 1947 does not mean it was bought or used in 1947.
Marc O’Connell did his own digging and contacted the Curator of Technology at the George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film. According to Marc, the curator told him that, “It is impossible to tell when Kodachrome slides were exposed or developed.”16 The best one can do is get a range of years when the film was manufactured and when the slides were mounted. Any dating beyond that is nothing more than speculation.
Therefore, the claim Bragalia made that it was positively proven to be exposed in 1947 is based more on wishful thinking than careful analysis.
The choice of Kodachrome was also mentioned by Bragalia as being the best film for geologists to use in their work.17 I question this statement since Kodachrome was a very slow film (As best I can tell it was ISO speed 16 in 1947 and Kodachrome 64 did not come out until the 1960s) and not lend itself to easy development/printing. Black and white would be the preferred film for such studies. It is interesting to point out that none of the slides in the box seem to be related to his geological work and there are no papers presented showing him using Kodachrome film.
While Bragalia wants everyone to believe that the West Texas Geological society was very active in the Roswell area. It is known that the West Texas Geological Society did visit New Mexico in May of 1947 (See SUNlite 6-1).18 However, they only visited the Carlsbad region over fifty miles south of Roswell. Roswell was not on their agenda and there is no evidence presented that they ever visited the Roswell area. This is all speculation based on a desire to link the Rays to Roswell.
Just a day or two after Bragalia’s revelations, several videos quickly surfaced that were meant to tease audiences about the upcoming event. It was Curt Collins’ posting on facebook that got my attention for these videos. I shared the link with other skeptics and pointed out that these looked like the slides. Lance Moody passed the link onto Rich Reynolds, who then posted it on his blog. The next day, I received an e-mail from Tony Bragalia giving me “fair warning” not to write about the story without checking with him
regarding the facts. Failure to contact him about the story would result in Bragalia publicly stating that I was not interested in “Truth and history” as he was. I took him up on his offer and asked him a few questions hoping for more details. I even asked him if these were the actual slides. He refused to answer that question and his responses to the other questions were less than satisfactory. I learned nothing new as he stuck to his standard talking points in his article. He was either ignorant of details or did not want to discuss it. As I suspected, contacting Mr. Bragalia for factual information that can be checked is a waste of time.
We are told that the two slides were hidden in a special envelope away from all the other slides but nobody seems to have proof that this was really the case. As far as we know, there was no label on the envelope or the slides indicating that they were “special” or were photographs of “aliens”. One has to wonder that, if these were photographs of aliens, why only two slides were exposed? There is one image of the slides being examined showing the number “9” indicating there were more frames on the roll.19 If the Ray’s were as knowledgeable about photography, as claimed, they would have exposed more frames to ensure they correctly exposed the image clearly. Exposing only two frames makes one suspect that what was photographed was worth photographing but not worth wasting the whole roll of film.
The videos included blurry/distant glimpses of, what appeared to be, the slides. The image on the slide appeared to match the descriptions given over the past year. As best one can tell, the body was in a case of some kind, which had a placard or label on it. As reported, the head had been partially severed from the torso and the internal organs were apparently removed. With a week of the videos being released, a sharp individual in a German forum was able to identify one frame where the slide was not blurred. This resulted in a look at what was considered the evidence that would change the history of the world!20 I was unimpressed by the image. I had originally speculated in SUNlite 6-2 that it might be a body of an airman from a crash. This seems unlikely based on the images in the videos.
With such a small image, it is hard to evaluate but we can look at body proportion/sizes. The adult human head is roughly 1/8th the size of the overall body. However, the
head of a child is 1/4th to 1/5th the size of a normal body depending on age. In the photographs that have been shown, the head appears to be 1/4th the size of the body.
The size of the body also appears something smaller than the 3 -1/2 foot to 4 foot size claimed by the Roswell promoters. Based on the hole size of the supports (1/2 to 3/4
inch), it appears closer to about 3 feet in length and maybe less. With such a small body size, the body starts to appear something that is more child-like than adult size. If the body is that of a young child, then the head is not really that large and the limb size not so tiny. The evidence for this being an alien, based on head size, begins to collapse.
Quite a few people have suggested that it might be a hydrocephalus child skeleton. I looked at the image as being some sort of body that had a misshapen head. It was common in some ancient cultures to forcibly misshape the heads of people because of their status. There are plenty of mummies/skeletons in various museums that could be the source of this photograph.
We are told that the Rays were well traveled. Did they visit a museum of some kind that contained this unusual skeleton/body? The placard is something one would expect in a public display where the viewers could understand what they were seeing without need for interpretation by a guide. If this were an alien body, it most likely would not require a placard since those viewing the body would already be familiar with details. I find it hard to believe that some General, after seeing the body, would state, “Is this the alien
from Roswell? I can not tell. You need to label it”. The label may be the clue as to what the body really is. I am aware that David Rudiak and others attempted to read it. Based on Rudiak’s comments on Kevin Randle’s blog, there was nothing in the interpretation that indicated it was an alien body.21 Perhaps somebody else was able to find the words “Roswell” or “alien” in the fine print but it seems unlikely based on Rudiak’s failure to do so. Despite the possibility of this body having a more earthly origin, the promoters of these slides have chosen to take the route of “the show must go on”. On May 5th, the show will open but will it live up to the hype?
Just you wait!!!
Needless to say, the slide revelation brought about a fire storm. Skeptics made a lot of proclamations both publicly and privately. I know I spent a bit of time performing searches on the Internet looking for a possible match. Gilles Fernandez found at least one mummy that looked similar but was not the same body. I have seen images of other mummies that looked very close to the blurry image in the video. I did a search of the newspaper archive, hoping to see if there might be a publicized display that might have caught the Ray’s attention. I discovered that, in September of 1949, a Peruvian mummy had been unwrapped at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. 22 However, this was an adult mummy and could not be the source in the photographs. With various people suggesting potential sources for the figure in the slide, the promoters began to try and put out the fires. If they did not do something, the photographs might be exposed before the big reveal and ruin everything. Dew tried to impress everyone with the dating of the slides but only a few people are questioning that aspect of the slides. It had become accepted, by most, that the slides were shot in the 1940s. What had not been accepted was this was a photograph of an alien body. Dew countered that he talked to a Roswell veteran, who claimed it looked like the body he saw.23 Some research by others revealed that the veteran was “Private Eli Benjamin” (a false name he uses to hide his real identity), who had appeared on a SCI-FI channel program on Roswell in 2006. For some reason, Dew refers to him as a Lieutenant.24 Is this Dew’s mistake or did “Benjamin” try and pump up his rank to give himself more credibility? Roswell has had its share of charlatans. Frank Kaufmann fooled people for over a decade with his stories about having super top secret clearances and positions/ranks he never had. Dew’s reliance on this man’s testimony as proof that it is an alien demonstrates he is just as gullible as all the other promoters. Perhaps he should watch the Boyd Bushman video to see how an old man can create tall tales that are not true.
Mr. Dew then appeared on WGN of Chicago promoting his film. In that interview he pointed out that skeptics/debunkers were actually helping him research the slides. I found that rather disturbing because it makes it appear that, despite having these slides in his possession for years, he was just now finding out about mummies and Milton Eisenhower. Does this mean the research that Dew did perform on the slides prior to February was inadequate?
Meanwhile, Bragalia launched a counterattack on Kevin Randle’s blog,, which was removed by Kevin within hours of its posting because of how the comments quickly turned negative and uncivil.25 Randle did allow the entry to be reposted after some editing.26 In that article, Bragalia went to great lengths to denigrate mean skeptics and how the image shown on page 8 does not accurately reflect what is in the slides. Underlining his bullet points (didn’t a certain skeptic use this writing style?), he states it can’t be a
mummy (the body was recently alive or embalmed) and could not be a display for a professional museum (the label is handwritten). Bragalia’ s final assault was to describe how certain people have tried to insert themselves into the glory that is the Roswell slides. In the process of inserting themselves, they have caused undue harm to the investigation. Most of this has to do with hacking of the e-mails by a third party brought about, not by skeptics, but a UFO proponent. Bragalia also focused on skeptics, who dared to check up on the claims made by the proponents of the slides. He accused Lance Moody of using this “hacked” information to locate Robert
Shanebrook, who is the expert on Kodachrome slide film the team is using to date the slides. Bragalia is sadly mistaken about how easy it was to recognize that his expert was Shanebrook because he left plenty of clues. He had made it a point that the individual dating the slides was an expert and had written the “definitive book on Kodak film processes”27. If one puts the phrase “book on Kodak film processes” in Google, Robert Shanebrook’s name surfaces right away! I had done this exact search and was considering contacting him when Moody told me he had already done so. Based on what Moody told me, his conversation with Shanebrook was very
cordial. Bragalia’s protestations appear to be nothing more than a smokescreen.
Tony Bragalia is desperately trying to conceal/downplay any revelations that might occur before May 5th. To accomplish this task, he is threatening people with public defamation and has referred to skeptics as “jealous” , feeling a sense of being excluded, or just refusing to accept the possibility it is an alien body. Mr. Bragalia claims to be interested in the truth but his actions and writings do not confirm this. If May 5th comes and “the truth” turns out to be something else than what Bragalia states, he will have to live with the stigma of being another joke in UFOlogical history. The rest of the “team” chose to remain quiet but Tom Carey wrote to Kevin Randle about some of the commentary regarding the slides. While appearing to confirm that this was a low resolution image of the slide, he also described much of the commentary about the image as insane.28 I found that characterization rather humorous since most of the hype in promoting this event can be classified as “insane”, “ridiculous”, or “comical”.
The greatest event known to man
One year ago, Rich Reynolds had suggested that the big event might occur in Mexico City.29 I openly speculated in SUNlite 6-2 that if Mexico City was the location, Jaimie Maussan may be involved. Maussan is one of the biggest UFO hoax promoters in Mexico. He has presented all sorts of wild stories and false claims ever since he became involved with the 1991 Solar Eclipse videos, which were nothing more than recordings of the planet Venus. Maussan is described as a respected journalist but I have yet to see
any examples of his work outside of UFOlogy. His appearance in this “dog and pony show” indicates it is more about sensationalism and money than a search for the truth about the slides.
The videos and teleconferences hosted by Jaimie Maussan involving Tom Carey and Don Schmitt have taken on the air of showmanship and hype.30 When interviewed, both Carey and Schmitt stated or implied that this is one of the greatest events in all of human history and those present will personally see history being made. Maussan keeps repeating this like any good salesman in order to fill the 10,000 seat auditorium. It would be embarrassing if the auditorium was only half-filled for his big show broadcast
to the entire world. Reading old newspapers, I noticed that P.T. Barnum had a similar approach in the 1880’s with his huge elephant, Jumbo. Many of his advertisements refer to Jumbo as a possible Mastadon and that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This sensationalist approach filled seats for Barnum’s show. Will it work for Maussan and his gang of sensationalists?
All the eggs in one basket
In Adam Dew’s video, he apparently performed an ambush interview with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson at a comic book convention. In the clip, he quickly shows a cell phone image of the slide to Dr. Tyson, who responded, So, OK, so maybe it’s a real alien that landed. Uhhh....fine....I don’t have a problem with that. Come back when you got...Come back later when you got........31
He was cut off at this point but it appeared that Dr. Tyson was unimpressed. His response indicated that Dew needed to come see him when he had better evidence to confirm that what was in the photograph was an alien. Dr. Tyson’s observations are what one will expect from the scientific community and most skeptics. No amount of promotion and spin is going to make it any better. Tony Bragalia disagrees and feels that the scientific community is going to be proven wrong:
On May 6th, the day after the reveal, the clock will still tick and we will still get up in the morning with the obligations of life still before us. But may we will arise with just a little more wonder and curiosity about the world in which we live. Some will find it heartening to know that we are not alone in the vast, cold cosmos. Others will go through the same realization that man did when we realized when we learned that the world does not revolve around the Earth. It will be an acceptance that there is something of a higher order than our own. Some will fear, some will hope.32 His diatribe sounds like this will be more of a religious experience than a scientific one. He ignores the fact that most, if not all, scientists are not going to accept the claims of a bunch of UFO boosters without better evidence than a couple of slides showing a body of some kind. They certainly have been unwilling to accept the Patterson-Gimlin film as proof of Bigfoot so there is little likelihood that two still slides are going to alter our understanding of the universe.
I expect May 5th will come and go and the world will still be the same. President Obama will not suddenly say, “Yeah, we had this little guy under wraps for almost seventy years”. Dr. Tyson will not state, “This is wonderful. We need to get to the bottom of all this”.
Instead, skeptics and proponents will argue over details like head size and body proportions trying to identify what the body might be. More experts from the medical and anthropological fields might be brought in to offer their opinion. They probably will not agree making the situation unresolved. Nobody will be able to prove that this is really an alien from another solar system. Meanwhile, debunkers/skeptics will continue to look for an earthly source of the body in the slides. They may be unsuccessful but that does not mean it is an alien body. If they are successful, there will be problems for Don Schmitt, Tom Carey, and Tony Bragalia. Nobody cares about Maussan or Dew. Maussan will just move on to the next UFO extravaganza. Dew will make his money and then move onto subjects outside of UFOlogy. However, the remaining three have pinned their reputations and lives on this being the crown jewel to the Roswell story. To coin a poker term, “They are all in”. After their hand is revealed on May 5th, we will see if they have a winning hand or are bluffing.
Bragalia Strikes back!!!
For several weeks, I had been involved in a small discussion group about the slides themselves. As we dissected each of the slides in the Dew video, the conversation turned to the “mysterious Roswell military witness” that nobody wanted to name. Somebody in the group produced the man’s name and I quickly produced the page in the Roswell yearbook proving he was in Roswell at the time. As I had suspected he was nothing more than a lowly PFC and not somebody, who would have access to something as classified as an alien body even if he had a top secret clearance. It turns out that “Benjamin” had been in another television program back in 2006 telling this story. So, he was no stranger to being filmed or putting himself out in public view. Despite this, he did not want people to know his real name. The excuse used was that it might endanger his pension. This is nonsense since any conspiracy that was monitoring witnesses would quickly identify him from his appearances on television. They could easily stop his pension
(assuming he even has one) using any means at their disposal. In my opinion, the real reason “Benjamin” probably did not want his name mentioned was because he had other reasons to hide behind a fake name. I could care less what that reason was and this seemed like a non-story to me but then a strange thing happened.
Paul Kimball decided to posted a blog entry revealing the man’s name. I promptly received several nasty e-mails from Tony Bragalia, who threatened to call my family and the Manchester, NH police department because I produced the Yearbook page for Kimball’s blog entry. Bragalia sounded like a lunatic in the e-mails as he demanded that I renounce Kimball’s writings or he would take action to contact my relatives. I asked if he wanted names of ex-girlfriends, sailors who worked for me, and commanding officers I served
under. I even offered to present my dd214 for him to examine (which is more than any Roswell witness has ever done) if he doubted my military background. His response was to send me a listing of some of my relatives, which included my recently deceased mother. I found this whole event both funny and sad.
Kimball also received threatening e-mails from Bragalia. He presented another blog entry documenting this. His thoughts reflect mine on this matter. Bragalia has no right to act as the “gatekeeper” on what should be discussed and what should not be discussed regarding public statements by people. He states that his only motivation is “truth and history” but his actions on this speak otherwise. Is this how real Roswell investigations are conducted? Is bluff, bluster, and intimidation the way of getting old men to tell them the stories they want to hear? The world wonders.......
Quelle: SUNlite 2/2015
Update: 21.04.2015
Es geht mit Roswell Alien weiter!
Am 5. Mai 2015 wird eine Weltsensation in dem National Auditorium in Mexiko-Stadt vorgestellt werden. Die Veranstaltung in der 10.000-Auditorium wird live im Internet übertragen und ist über zwei Farbdias, die eine Roswell Alien in einem Labor zeigen sollen. Das Publikum wird einen Dokumentarfilm über die Analyse der beiden Bilder aus dem 1947. sehen
Die beiden Farbdias eines Alien wurde im Jahr 1998 in einem Dachboden eines Hauses in Sedona, Arizona gefunden. Eigentümer des Hauses, der kinderlose Bernard und Hilda Ray waren tot und das Haus war zu reinigen, um für den Verkauf vorbereitet zu werden.
Die Frau verantwortlich für die Reinigung, fand eine Schachtel mit Hunderten von alten Dias gefüllt. Sie behielt die Schachtel und legte sie in die Garage. Hier lagerten sie 10 Jahre, bevor sie sich den Inhalt genau ansah. Es gab Fotos von vielen berühmten Menschen, darunter Clark Gable, Bing Crosby und Präsident Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Die beiden "Roswell Dias" gehörte Bernard und Hilda Ray. Bernard Ray war ein Geologe in Ölförderung als Spezialist und arbeitete in den Ölfeldern in der Nähe von Roswell. Hilda Ray war ein Anwalt, Privatpilot und hatte viele einflussreiche Bekannte.
Auf der Unterseite des Kastendeckel war befestigt einen Umschlag mit zwei Dias, welche viel interessanter als alle anderen. Die Frau zeigte die beiden Bilder zu einem Bekannten, der ein Freund von Adam Dew, Inhaber der Video-Produktionsfirma Slidebox Media ist.
Adam Dew ist durchaus ein Unbekannter in UFO-Zusammenhang und kam zusammen mit seinem Freund, der ein Experte in Roswell UFO-Vorfall ist. Die Wahl fiel leider auf Don Schmitt und Tom Carey. Nicht zuletzt die ehemalige Herren hat einen lockeren Beziehung zur Wahrheit (siehe zum Beispiel die reale Area 51?). Die beiden "Experten" haben Roswell Bilder analysiert und Adam Dew hat den gesamten Prozess in einem Dokumentarfilm dokumentiert.
Die Dokumentation wird 5. Mai 2015 in der National Auditorium in Mexiko-Stadt präsentiert. Don Schmitt und Tom Carey werden den Film vorstellen und Fragen zu beantworten. Es ist alles von der Journalistin und TV-Mann Jaime Maussan inszeniert.
Jaime Maussan ist ein bekannter Fernseh Person in Mexiko, wo er ein wöchentliches, zweistündiges UFO-Programm (Tercer Milenio TV)hat.
Maussan ist berüchtigt in Ufokreisen für seine wilde und unzuverlässige UFO-Geschichten nach der anderen zu präsentieren. Sein Interesse an dem Thema wurde geweckt im Juli 1991 während einer Sonnenfinsternis in Mexiko, wo es viele Ufobeobachter und unzähliges Videomaterial von einem nicht identifizierten Objekt (= Venus) gab.
Maussan seit 1991 ist geschickt im Marketing von UFO-Geschichten und machte es zu seiner Karriere. Er hat - aus wirtschaftlicher Sicht - ohne Zweifel das Recht vor, die zwei neue Fotos von einem Roswell Alien zu vermarkten. Seitdem hat er bereits entschieden, dass es einen Käufer für die Bildrechte gibt.
Wenn die beiden Roswell Bilder am 5. Mai 2015 präsentiert werden ist es vor genau 20 Jahren, dass ein anderer Fernsehproduzent, Ray Santilli, in der Aula des Museum of London präsentierte den Roswell Autopsie Film. Viele UFO-Mail Leser wissen, das Ray Santilli zu kassieren Fernsehrechte usw., bevor der Betrug aufgedeckt wurde. Es ist kaum zu glauben gewagt, dass wir bald etwas wissen über die beiden Roswell Dias
Quelle: SUFOI UFO-Mail nr.195.