HE Yousuf AlShaibani and Salem AlMarri during their visit to the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Cologne, Germany, where the two Emirati astronauts Hazzaa AlMansoori and Sultan AlNeyadi were receiving training. In the photo, they are joined by Dr. Rüdiger Seine, Lead, Space Training Team, European Astronaut Centre

Al Shaibani said the Al Mansouri and Al Neyadi’s training at the ESA is a significant contribution to developing their skills.

Al Shaibani stressed that what he saw at EAC reflects the commitment of the UAE’s leadership to offer all the possibilities and modern technologies, to enhance the capabilities of the two astronauts to qualify to travel to the ISS, and return home safely to continue building the space sector in the UAE.

Meanwhile, Al Merri noted that the first phase of both experiments, the DNA-m age and TIME, has already started at EAC where data and samples were collected from the UAE astronauts. These experiments aim to measure the impact of travelling to space and microgravity environment on human body.