UFO-Forschung - Zum Welt-UFO-Tag: Zitate aus der aktiven UFO-Erforschung, welche damals wie heute zutreffend sind



Seit 2011 zelebrieren Menschen auf der ganzen Welt am 2. Juli den von der "World UFO Day Organization" (WUFODO) initiierten Welt-UFO-Tag (eigentlich müsste man ein IFO-Tag zelebrieren). Ziel des Tages ist es, Bewusstsein für UFOs und außerirdisches Leben zu schaffen. Anlässlich diesen Tages wollen wir nach über 60 Jahren des UFO-Phänomens nur Zitate aus der aktiven UFO-Forschung aufführen, die zutreffender nicht sein können:


Since we are surrounded by them all of our lives, I still find it quite remarkable that so many adults can observe " stellar body and see fit to call it in as a “UFO.” Furthermore, what does it say about the total UFO phenomenon when these adults are often in groups and watch these stars for hours?
Allen Hendry (The UFO Handbook)


No anecdotal claim - no matter how sincere, no matter how deeply felt, no matter how exemplary the lives of the attesting citizens - carries much weight on so important a question. As in the older UFO cases, anecdotal accounts are subject to irreducible error.

Carl Sagan - The Demon Haunted World


Our data demonstrates beyond question not only that weird and erroneous concepts are widely formed, but also that these erroneous concepts are often precisely those that show up in the UFO phenomenon. Perhaps as a result of their popularization in the UFO literature, the phenomenon feeds on itself to a certain extent....the reporting processes are demonstrably such that very low signal-to-noise ratio is generated. That is, certain social forces conflict with clear, concise, and thorough presentation of UFO reports. Sarcasm is employed at the expense of logic. A whole body of literature exists by virtue of the sensational aspects of the problem.

Dr. William Hartmann “Process of perception, conception, and reporting” SUNlite


Reviewing the results of our field investigations, one must note the consistent erosion of information contained in the initial report. Instead of an accumulation of evidence to support the claim of the sighting of an unusual vehicle, erosion of claimed supporting evidence to the vanishing point was a common investigative experience. As shown by the examples in the above discussion, this was true of both current and older cases. As an investigation progressed, the extraordinary aspects of the sighting became less and less dominant, and what was left tended to be an observation of a quite ordinary phenomena. Current sightings which were investigated and left unresolved were often the same general character of those resolved. The inconclusiveness of these investigations is felt to be a lack of information with which to work, rather than of strangeness which survived careful scrutiny of adequate information...

Dr. Roy Craig Field Investigations Condon Report


Quelle: CENAP-Archiv